Please believe you can make a difference, because if you don’t, it’s a guarantee you won’t. 

I offer you no tangible return on your investment, no stroke to your ego, no tax incentive. 

I offer you much more. I offer you the chance to save the world.  

I offer you the chance to create a future that exists beyond the destruction of each other.  

No special force is coming our way. You are that force. You are the superhero. It doesn't work without you being personally invested in the future.  

Talent is not defined by the privilege of wealth, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Our true brilliance has yet to shine because it is trapped by the limitations of our current societal structure.  That leaves our best resource untapped, and that is you.  

I feel the lyrics to my son’s song “Lionheart” are an accurate representation of the power you hold as a generation.   

Creating the world in which you want to live requires you to start living that way.  Cause and effect.  The choice is yours.

Bottom line, I believe in you.  I am asking you to believe in me.  

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I will keep you updated with wisdom as it is given to me through my blog and help you activate your highest self.

You will help me spread the word and step into your life purpose.

Together we will put the human into humanity and make this beautiful planet all that it can be.

Effect change.  Cause U Can.