My story continues in Powered by U. As my ability to channel increased, the vastness of the knowledge available became apparent. The spiritual encounters kept happening, more intense, if possible, in message and coincidence. So I became my own anthropological study of a spiritual journey.

Powered by U is a memoir with messages from the Universe interspersed throughout. By sharing a very personal view into my life and that of my family, the Universe conveys the expansive concept of energy.

Our story becomes a mirror into your own life. Issues such as gender, orientation, race, and religion are addressed with candor, humor, and sensitivity. You get to ride shot gun as I wrap my head around the complex relationship between the spiritual, the scientific, and us.

While no two humans are the same, we are one in our lived experience. I hope Powered by U will expand your perception of reality. It’s much broader than you could ever imagine, while at the same time being unbelievably personal.
— Flash Mom