Me. Artist. Author. Clairvoyant. Philanthropist. Spiritual Innovator is how I’ve strung them all together.  Not exactly your typical career path, but rather a pathway to the future that for me culminated with my spiritual awakening in 2014.

It began with a gentle knock, a nudge from the Universe to notice serendipity.  Then the knock turned into a forceful calling and I was overwhelmed by what I can only describe as a spiritual storm.  Signs everywhere indicated it was time for me to pursue “my destiny.” 

The door to activating my sixth sense flew open.  By 2016 the camera found me and became my calling card, thus Flash Mom.  This inanimate object notably beckoned me to see the world from the broadest perspective possible.  

As a result, the last few years have presented me with psychic abilities that have manifested in unbridled written and visual output. Both spring from a place of untapped potential and contain messages of wisdom from the Universe being given to me on your behalf.

You. You too have untapped potential just waiting to be discovered. You too have the ability to connect to your sixth sense. You too have a life purpose that is uniquely yours. Join me in learning how to activate your highest self and elevate the vibration of humanity.

Come hang out with me and kick start your journey!

Forever expanding your reality,

—Abby Kamen