Who am I?

Artist. Storyteller. Clairvoyant. Philanthropist. Modern-day Mystic. Mom. I bring with me my inner Dad and Child too. If you think the answer comes any easier with age, not true! I’ve got a thick stash of business cards as evidence. Vistaprint, your welcome;) Of course, I’m really just a work in progress. Aren’t we all?

Why am I here?

At heart I’m a seeker. I’m here to be one of your guides to the future. I have some psychic gifts that enable me to receive messages of wisdom on your behalf. You have psychic gifts too. With any luck I’m going to help you activate them. Your sixth sense (aka ESP) is a natural human ability, just like the traditional five senses. We are just now starting to understand it’s usefulness. Think gut, intuition, empathy, creativity, and serendipity.

Where am I going?

Hopefully out of my house and into your world. Seriously, I’ve been working hard the last few years creating formats for the beyond to communicate to you through me. The camera found me along the way and became my calling card, hence, Flash Mom Publishing. My work is “automatic”, which means whether written or visual, the origin is channeled. Cool, right?

Why should U care?

Because the world is in a fearful state. This isn’t new. We have a history of inhumanity that is vested in fear. I think we can change that. I think we can be human with each other. Wisdom is what’s going to make that a reality. The Universe can lead the way. Choosing to follow is personal and optional. I’m in. I hope you are too!

Forever expanding your reality,

—Abby Kamen