Artist. Author. Clairvoyant. Philanthropist. Spiritual Innovator is how I’ve strung them all together. Not exactly your typical career path, but rather a pathway to the future.

Yes, I can communicate with the beyond. Yes, other dimensions exist. Yes, reality is much broader than what I can ever comprehend. Yes, you are a complicated, unique, and divine being.

Each and everyone of us holds the energy of a thumbprint. It is personal, purposeful, and powerful.

The power of one. Not only is that a thing, it IS the thing. The survival of humanity is dependent on our ability to connect the power of We to the power of Me. Sounds hokey, unobtainable, and ominous, but fear not. Fear is the block keeping your power dormant. It is ready and waiting to shine through. All you have to do is expand your reality.

Reality is vast, non-linear, and all-encompassing - perspective is everything. By sharing my story, I'm going to help you activate yours.  I'm going to teach you the practical applications of unleashing your intuition and innate capacity for wisdom.  I am receiving messages from the Universe on your behalf to assist you in this process.

Instead of living in a world that readily accepts our inhumanity as the status quo, it’s time to engage in our humanity.

It begins with you and me. It is personal. Let’s make it purposeful. Together we are powerful!

—Abby Kamen