My JANUARY 2019 post explains the use of color, music, and story which will guide this blog. The Universe has instructed that from this point on I am to “let the wisdom flow in and send it back out.” Let’s see where it goes…

Color Me Green.jpg

Color Me Green

2019. Digital Image.

Energy is recycled to find grace.


Color Me Bold

2019. Digital Image.

The box brought you to today.

Breaking through it will take you to tomorrow.

Color Me Deep.jpg

Color Me Deep

2019. Digital Image.

Dig deep.

Feel, better.

Resolve to evolve.

Color Me Well.jpeg

Color Me Well

2019. Digital Image.

To fix the future U will need to HEAL.

U are not broken, U are ready to be WELLER!

Color Me Alive.jpg

Color Me Alive

2019. Digital Image.

Destruction is OUT - Creation is IN

Competition is OUT - Collaboration is IN

Burning bridges is OUT - Igniting passion is IN

In it to win it is OUT - In it to BE it is IN

Color Me More.jpg

Color Me More

2019. Digital Image.

Judgement, violence, pain, and, disdain,

Are keeping us trapped, our talents unwrapped.

Blame and shame are a zero sum game.

Don’t tell me I’m fluff, I know I’m enough.

The truth is free. I need to be. This is ME.

Color Me Real.jpg

Color Me Real

2019. Digital Image.

Reality is subjective, expansive, and fluid. How it makes U feel is real.