Chain Reaction

Prose, poetry, photography, and painting, the stage has been set for the Universe to deliver its messages. I have been instructed that from this point on I am to “let the wisdom flow in and send it back out.” My first post, OCTOBER 2018, explains my process. My JANUARY 2019 post explains the use of color, music, and story which will guide this blog. Join the Chain Reaction to receive my monthly posts. For hot of the press inspiration you can follow me on Instagram: @flash_mom. Taking another leap of faith, here we go…

Color Me Well.jpeg

Color Me Well

2019. Digital Image

To fix the future U will need to HEAL.

U are not broken, U are ready to be WELLER!


Color Me Alive.jpg

Color Me Alive

2019. Digital Image.

Destruction is OUT - Creation is IN

Competition is OUT - Collaboration is IN

Burning bridges is OUT - Igniting passion is IN

In it to win it is OUT - In it to BE it is IN


Color Me More.jpg

Color Me More

2019. Digital Image.

Judgement, violence, pain, and, disdain,

Are keeping us trapped, our talents unwrapped.

Blame and shame are a zero sum game.

Don’t tell me I’m fluff, I know I’m enough.

The truth is free. I need to be. This is ME.


Color Me Real.jpg

Color Me Real

2019. Digital Image.

Reality is subjective, expansive, and fluid. How it makes U feel is real.


Surround Sound.jpg

Surround Sound

2018. Oil on canvas. 16 x 20 in.

Listen with UR heart and you will hear what you need to know.




2018. Oil on canvas. 16 x 20 in.

The problem is not with UR innate talent, it is with the inequitable process in which society hampers its ability to shine.


Flash Back.jpg

Flash Back

2018. Oil on canvas. 16 x 20 in.

Labels don’t define U, they explain U.

U R U.