March 13, 2019: I’ll be 58 on Sunday, St Patrick’s Day. I love being born on a day associated with celebration, fanfare, and magic. My zodiac chart is filled with both Piscean and Aries energy. Water and fire. Interesting things always happen to me on or around this day. This year is no exception.

Today is the last day of my first SXSW conference. I have spent the last five days immersed in story - mine and others. Attending is the bravest thing I have ever done. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Putting yourself out there takes courage. It has been exhilarating, enervating, and embarrassing. I have one last meeting later on, but I am taking the morning off to digest the week. My head is tingling, pulsating in the grip of my highest self and the beyond, forcefully encouraging me onward.

Who have I met that will step forward and  help me get my work from my iPad to you? What connections, partnerships, experiences are out there? What’s my brand? How can I reach you before you press delete and mark me irrelevant? 

Here’s the thing. My belief in what I am doing is unyielding. 

This is my purpose and every ounce of my passion and creativity have been activated for me to take on this challenge. I am here to boldly forge the relationship between the spiritual and the scientific in a way that has yet to be accepted. In a way that is divorced from religion and vested in our molecular composition as divine beings biologically wired with more powers than currently believed possible. 

“Write The Future Now” was the session that embodied my challenge. Listening to the distinguished panel of SciFi film makers and futurists was thrilling. Sci-fi has often proven to be the harbinger of the future, for better or worse. Sensational, scary, sensitive, surreal, and silly - utopia vs dystopia. What will reality hold? What responsibility do they have in creating it? I was popping out of my seat alternatively agreeing or disagreeing with their visions of the future. The conversation was vested in deep philosophical inquiry regarding the human plight, the beyond, AI, and the possibility of other intelligent life.

The moderator offhandedly stated “Mother Nature needs the internet.” I charged to the front of the room immediately after the session, business cards in hand. I tried to explain my story: 

Yes, she does! Will you help me get her voice heard? She’s my client. I don’t know how I’m doing it, but I can communicate with the vastness of source. Dimensions are real. Maybe aliens too. It’s complicated! I have messages filled with wisdom for the next generation. It’s not scary, but it will require each of us to be personally invested in the outcome. Utilizing your amazing talent, can we partner? Will you help me tell the real story of the future? Will you showcase the good? Will you help me save the world?

Well, you can guess how that went. I’m fairly confident I won’t hear back from any of them. When you are established you sound wise, when you are not, you sound nuts. Same energy, similar words - perspective is everything. 

Obviously the trick is to get known. Insert list of your favorite expletives and visualize my hair standing on edge. If only I knew how. It appears random, but I know it is not, nothing is. I understand I’m not an overnight sensation. In my head that sounds good. I’ve been working hard, let’s get this show on the road. In my heart I know it’s exactly that. The road. It’s long and winding. So many of you are starting to present yourself to me. You are coincidentally (or not) being placed right by me. At a conference, in a theater, at an art show, on an airplane, in line at the grocery, etc. It’s electric and the relief we both experience in finding each other is tangible.

Chili Pepper was the Pantone Color of the Year in 2007. It embraces exactly what I am feeling right now. 

Whether expressing danger, celebration, love or passion, red will not be ignored. (Currently) there is an awareness of the melding of diverse cultural influences, and Chili Pepper is a reflection of exotic tastes both on the tongue and to the eye. Nothing reflects the spirit of adventure more than the color red. At the same time, Chili Pepper speaks to a certain level of confidence and taste. Incorporating this color into your wardrobe and living space adds drama and excitement, as it stimulates the senses.
— Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®

And by senses, let’s be sure to include the six sense. Connecting to the Universe is not an ability reserved for a select few, but rather the expansive power that unites us with both our individuality and collectivity. It is our common language, we are just learning how to intentionally activate it. Gut, intuition, serendipity are the first signs. The truth is right there and it will not be ignored.

My adventure to find you continues. No specific wisdom from the Universe this month. Apparently the microphone is mine and I’m on fire. I can see where it would be easy to pigeon hole my message to the more serene aspects of spirituality and wellness. Mindfulness is essential and healing is critical, however, for me it is a very active pursuit. Meditate before we gather. When we are together in virtual or real space, you will need your track shoes. I have so much to share with you!  It’s off the charts exciting and ground breaking being able to really connect to collective consciousness.

As I am writing this post Alicia Keys’ soulful “Girl on Fire” is playing on loop  in my head. My engines are revved. The road is wide open. My destination is uncertain, but my mission to find you is paramount.

March 22, 2019: Actually the Universe does have something to say directly to you through me. I’ve held off issuing this post and now I know why. 

As stated above, March always holds big changes for me. My energy is very sensitive to the seasonal pattern of Mother Nature. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb - the transition from winter to spring.

I have been doing a significant amount of hibernating this winter and now I am ready to roar. I feel recharged and ready to charge into spring - the lion adjusting to another level of awakening.

In my session with Amy (my crystal healer/medium) yesterday a new entity, the Angel of Peace, showed up and joined my spiritual team. She is acting as a gatekeeper for now. Apparently many new entities in both the here and now and the beyond will be coming my way. In my journey to meet you I need to keep creating  and remain patient. I’m not ready just yet for the full encounter. 

When Amy did the card reading, this card appeared! Check out the symbolism with the lion and lamb. Wow!!

The message from the Universe is clear, “yes, this is real.”