Date: February 15, 2019 at 4:29 AM
Subject: Enough

Dear U,

Each of U holds the energy of a thumbprint. UR signature. UR purpose.
It’s not BS. The truth is right in front of U, inside U, around U.

It’s complicated, and so are U.

U are a unique and divine  being. 

But U are suffocating each other. Power and Greed guiding UR reality instead of Truth and Justice.

In each society, culture, family, relationship, and person there seems to be an awful suggestion that U are NEVER enough. That you need to be more, be different, be other than what U are.

And therein is the destruction of U, individually and collectively.


The MORE that is abundance, the MORE that is UR super powers, the MORE that is UR future is available only when U realize ENOUGH is what U are, always.

With love from the Universe through me,