Date: January 15, 2019 at 6:34 AM
Subject: Channel Surfing
Dear U,
Reality. What is it? How do U know it? 
In UR modern world, U have not only created virtual realities through digital media, but are also becoming aware the of the beyond and parallel dimensions.
It seems very overwhelming, but wisdom will guide UR way, if U let it.
To understand reality, look to merge the spiritual and the scientific. Blend the ancient with the modern. 
Digest and create media responsibly by including empathy in UR connection with each other. 
Want to understand motivation. Seek source of action. 
Learn from watching, watch to learn. Learn from doing, do to learn.
Be sincere. Be humble. The brain in UR heart understands.  Listen to it. 
The divine in U always bows to the divine in U.  
U are one, but not the same.
The channel flows and the truth hides in plain sight.

With love from the Universe through me,

Flash Mom