April 18, 2019: A bit about my process. The channeling comes in pieces. Titles, quotes, phrases, images, colors, music - I keep an intricate series of Work In Progress (WIP) files. I’ll get a nudge about what’s up next on the docket. Then it’s like putting together a puzzle.

Since this blog is inspired by the Pantone Colors of the Year, I know what they are, but not the relevancy until it comes forward. “Color Me Well” has been in my WIP box for a few months. It felt like the April post and the color felt like green. Specifically, I thought the color was 2017 Greenery and worked on that image. Turns out I was close, but not there yet. I also thought the post would be a light hearted guide to “feeling good” with me offering a few tips from the trade about the benefits of crystals (currently sporting rose quartz and amethyst) and suggesting you get a weighted blanket (love mine). Good to know, but that’s it for the tips.

I was starting to panic that I might need to skip a month, nothing was being revealed. Sometimes I’ll get a separate writing that I can identify as channeled to go along with a given theme I am addressing. To be honest, this month I have no idea who’s driving, the beyond or me. I can tell you one thing, wellness is a big deal. I know society is trying to address it. There are many resources out there for you to investigate, which is why you don’t need a tutorial from me.

What you need from me is a broad perspective of a subject that needs as much attention as possible. And attention is exactly where the Universe needs me to go. What we give our attention to and how to utilize that to be “weller.”

A recent episode of Invisibilia’s “The Fifth Vital Sign” has prompted me to reconsider how I think about wellness. The episode is about a teen dancer who awakes one morning to debilitating pain. The podcast deftly shares the unusual story of her plight to heal. The phenomenon about her pain is that her brain is controlling it, not her body. 

It’s a complicated cycle. She did have an injury from dancing, but it had healed. What didn’t heal was how she was dealing with the pressures of daily life. She was skilled at concealing stress and it was taking a toll. Too much attention was being given to her awareness of pain. Her brain was getting mixed signals from her body. In responding to the misplaced signals of duress it was causing actual physical pain. Her body was deteriorating as a result. After many failed attempts at medical and psychology treatment, her family found a program that would retrain her brain to process its reaction to pain by administering pain. Pain to cure pain. The story is fascinating and I encourage you to check it out.

My “take away” was that the treatment “took away” the word pain. 

Neither she, nor anyone in contact with her (the therapists, family, friends) were allowed to use the word pain. Instead, she would verbalize and journal how she was feeling. Feelings in lieu of the catch all “pain.” Feelings she was holding back now had the microphone. It worked for her. Could it work for the rest of us?

Pain seems to be the epicenter of our human plight, taking its opposite, joy, as a copilot. Pain encompasses everything that hurts and joy all that is good. Up until basically yesterday, both were viewed as inconsequential and given. Pain wasn’t discussed, you just dealt with it, and if you complained, you were considered weak. Joy didn’t make the headlines very often. 

Is life just a pain and then you die? Surely there more to it than that.

Could it be that our very existence is tied to our relationship with pain and joy? What if we changed our perception? Would that change our relationship with our existence?

What if we viewed life as a series of obstacles and opportunities instead of moments of pain and joy? Our reactions to those words are more neutral. Doing so would offer dexterity to the complexity of pain and joy, giving us the chance to attribute a broader caveat of feelings to various situations.

Moving forward, I believe we need to view healing as an ongoing process rather than an accomplishment. That will put us more in flow with our energy. Like a river, we will learn to adjust for the rush and the still. Pantone’s 2010 Color of the Year, Turquoise, provides us the tone for healing in stressful times.

In many cultures, Turquoise occupies a very special position in the world of color. It is believed to be a protective talisman, a color of deep compassion and healing, and a color of faith and truth, inspired by water and sky.
— Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®

Ebbing and flowing with Frank Ocean and his version of Moon River as I try to wrap my head around what it means to heal. 

I think your generation is ready to break through the “well.” No bandaids and “shove it under the rug” for you. You are evolved enough to know that feelings are critical to your wellbeing and you are struggling to figure out how to manage them. Try to use the words obstacles and opportunities in lieu of pain and joy as benchmarks for your wellness. 

Recognize the cadence of flow that is strictly yours. Which situations are your obstacles? Which are your opportunities? Which are both? How do they make you feel? Know that these situations will continue to be presented throughout your entire lifetime. When you feel only obstacles piling up, know for certain that there will be an opportunity too. It is how you feel about the obstacles that is the lesson at hand. The same it true for opportunity. Respect the process of being in each realm.

Know that time is on your side. We tend to think, geez, if I just get past this “painful” time everything will be ok. Yes, and no. Yes, inherently everything will be ok, that is an entire other piece. But no, not until you learn from the obstacles (and opportunities) that are specifically yours. If you’ve ever noticed a pattern in your life, now you know why. Situations will continue to be put in front of you for your mastery.

In my world, your soul will be here through many life cycles experiencing an ongoing series of obstacle and opportunities in alignment with your personal destiny and life purpose. How you rinse and repeat is within your control. Choose carefully and be well!