FARMaceuticals copy.jpg

TITLE: FARMaceuticals (2017)

ARTIST: Abby Kamen

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas. 16 x 20 in.

STORY: My life purpose is vested in my quest to understand the connectivity of body, mind, and soul and the intentional nutrition required for our success. This painting is inspired the non-profit I created with my son, Team Food Chain.

Team Food Chain began in 2009 as Chad’s Bar Mitzvah project. A concern that people weren’t eating dinner together grew into an award-winning 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supporting efforts to better nourish Kentucky. By keeping “Team” as the operative word, we saw an opportunity to be a “for-purpose” rainmaker.

We never offered any programming. That wasn’t what was needed. There were plenty of good programs already in place; what they needed was funding and a megaphone. When we stared our work, Kentucky had no government funded hunger relief programing, today it serves as a role model. We got to be part of making that happen. Small actions accumulate into significant change.

Change, of course, is fluid. The organization served as the vessel for creating Flash Mom Publishing. Moving on was difficult, but after nine years, it was time. The lesson it taught me is captured in these words that were posted on our website:

We do not need to just do “something.” We need to do everything we can to better feed ourselves, physically and spiritually.

We have taken the Earth’s bounties for granted, made access inequitable, and treated each other and our planet with disrespect.

Nourishment IS compassion. Be compassionate to yourself and to others.

Great work is already being done, but each and every one of us must take responsibility and act.

For “united we stand, divided we fall.”

Join the Chain Reaction.

Whenever I question my path, I let Team Food Chain remind me of the power each of us holds. Bottom line, believe you can make a difference. If you don’t, it’s a guarantee you won’t. Effect change. Cause you can!