Flash Mom: Your Personal Guide to the Universe is the first edition of my authorship. It details the confusing, exhilarating, and, at times, terrifying experience of my spiritual awakening. It was edited by my son and issued in ebook format only, under a very limited release. I knew it wasn’t exactly “finished”, but I had to put it out there to continue on my path.

Issuing it served as the launch pad for me to find my voice as Flash Mom. As I gained a clearer understanding of my psychic gifts and the messages being delivered to me on your behalf, I went back and properly edited the book to reflect my growth. In 2018, I released the second edition under the title The Universe & U.

Honestly, I thought that was it. I would delete the first edition from Google and present myself with the cohesive brand, Flash Mom. At this point, I knew the book was part of a set. The Universe & U and Powered by U were ready to go, synergistic in format and voice.

But it seems the Universe had other plans. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to delete the first edition. Apparently providing you with the similarity and differences in the two editions is part of the story. By offering both, the Universe wants you to be able to see the unfolding nature that is the essence of my soul, and in turn, yours. Growth is critical, as is ownership of the journey.

So, if you are curious what my words first looked like when I agreed to collaborate with the beyond, here they are - in all their raw, but passionate, format.