Reflecting U 

The images and illustrations featured in my books encourage you to see beyond the obvious. Consider them a mirror guiding you to look deep within. There you will find your highest self and locate your pathway to purpose.

Kamen TU&U 3D Cover Mockup Web.png

In the summer of 2016 the camera found me and began pushing me to see the world from the broadest perspective possible. The following 25 images are the result of that original encounter and are featured in my first book, The Universe & U. They frame each chapter and encourage you to see beyond the obvious.

Kamen PBU 3D Cover Mockup Web.png

Painting, to my surprise, became an integral part of my connection to my sixth sense. I discovered this new ability provides the Universe another format for communicating wisdom to me on your behalf. The following pieces are featured in my second book, Powered by You. The reveal of the messages being delivered is incredible!