Growing Strong copy.jpg

TITLE: Growing Strong (2017) 

ARTIST: Abby Kamen

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas. 16 x 20 in.

STORY: I had just started this painting when Sophia, the female Messianic entity, began appearing in my sessions with Amy (my medium). I learned she had a heavy hand in its meaning, beyond the nod to my family’s shared fascination with Apple products.

Durning one of these sessions, she revealed that we (our souls) exist forever. I already believed this to be true, but apparently I would need really wrap my head around this concept for her message to resonate with me. 

That night I couldn’t sleep. I kept hearing the phrase “you have time to be wise” playing on repeat in my head.

Finally it was morning. I was hungry, so I went to McDonald’s for my ritual Egg McMuffin (no bacon). The line at the one near my house was busy, so I decided to take a ride and drive to another location. Coincidently (or not), I received a sign from Sophia which I documented in a text to Amy.

Sophia has my brain in a tender, but powerful vise. Her energy is pushing me to a heightened level of observation and thought. I asked for a sign and I believe this is it. The car ahead of me in has the license plate: 318 WYS.

My interpretation:
3 is the third millennium - current times 2001 - 3000.
18 is the Hebrew letter chai - which means life.
WYS: is wise.

Our IQ can combat natural disasters; only wisdom will combat hate.

iWise: Wisdom for the future.

You have time to be wise and that time is now!

Did I connect the dots?

It’s probably not surprising that Amy confirmed my story, but stick with me. How am I getting this information? 

The experience provided me with a new perspective on how we curate our days and relationships. I think humanity needs to adjust its concept of time. The current catchphrase to happiness is “live each day as if it were your last.” Our modern-day schedules are overpacked trying to cram it all in. We are told time is precious, yet we treat it as anything but that. 

We have put time in a pressure cooker. Do more, do it quickly, do it efficiently, have fun while you are doing it, and do it perfectly. We are so busy keeping this frantic, self-imposed schedule that we don’t actually do or experience anything fully. As a result, we are left either exhausted and unsatisfied, or overwhelmed and apathetic. 

That night Sophia was still very much with me. She shared this message:

Wisdom is strength. To grow strong we will have to take the time to be present.