Infinity and Beyond.jpg

TITLE: Infinity and Beyond (2017)

ARTIST: Abby Kamen

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas. 16 X 20 in.

STORY: I channeled the still life for this painting on October 31st, and the connection proved “spooky.” The meaning of my name, the profound creativity of humanity, and the controversy of light vs dark are significant to my life purpose. 

The “astronaut" and I officially met in December of 2017. After years of anticipation, my husband Craig and I finally made it to Art Basel in Miami. While I paint, the art world is more Craig’s. He won awards for drawing as a kid, and as an adult he is both a collector and follower of emerging artists. He has a great eye. This trip was his dream and I was excited to share it with him. 

The art, the artists, the vibe—the weekend was as promised, invigorating and exciting. To my surprise, it became more about me than Craig. I was greeted by kindred spirits. I didn’t have to say much; the art said it all. I felt a connection deep within, a magnetic current starting to develop. 

As the weekend unfolded, serendipity took over. A chance encounter with a friend of ours from Cleveland set things in motion. We hadn’t seen each other in a while. I knew he was an art dealer, but wasn’t aware of his notable success. He had a few booths at an event we attended.

His gallery was exploding with people. His newest artist, Brendan Murphy, was the rage. Brendan’s signature larger-than-life Ultra Violet astronaut sculpture held me captivated. The color was a big deal. Pantone had allowed Brendan to present his work timed with the release of their 2018 Color of the Year. Quite an impressive nod to his artistry. Wow. 

We purchased a series of three small paintings—astronauts also in variations of Ultra Violet hues with words of gratitude and encouragement swirled around them. I got to meet Brendan. We immediately fell into a conversation about energy. It was obvious from his work that he understood the connection between the spiritual, the scientific, and the beyond. We talked about channeling and the future. 

My friend overheard us and stopped in his tracks. He looked like he had seen a ghost. Tears welled in his eyes. He walked away to compose himself. In the middle of this blustering art show, he quietly relayed his previously untold story. 

I learned his energy saved someone’s life. Twenty years ago a man collapsed in front of him. Not knowing what else to do, he knelt beside the man and prayed for the cause to be transferred to himself: he knew would survive it, but the man would not. An electric shock passed between them. The man rose, bewildered: What happened?!? A witness told the man his life had just been saved and told my friend he was a healer. Frightened, he pushed the power away and tried to forget the episode.

“Why, why am I telling you?” he asked. Apparently I was I put in his path for a reason. The force field between the art dealer and me was so strong that Craig could feel it, too. All of our hairs where standing on edge. It was wild! The experience left my energy frazzled. 

The next day the astronaut continued to follow me. Craig was fascinated by the artist featured at our hotel, Elisabetta Fantone. While most of her work on display depicted Hollywood’s glamorous icons, there was one image of a funky astronaut and a multicolored series of astronaut sculptures, similar to Brendan’s. Hmmm.

We were invited to her meet and greet, which we attended near closing. We caught her briefly before she excused herself to go rest. We purchased a rug bearing the image of Grace Kelly from her husband, Patrick, and stayed for a bit chatting about the Miami art scene. As we were getting ready to leave, Patrick went to have Elisabetta sign a book for us. He came back holding their daughter. The child and I connected  immediately. Her name is, of course—Abbie. He proudly declared our name means we bring “joy to our fathers.” We had a moment discussing the significance of name meanings. This led to an exchange about my work and relationship to my dad. Patrick quickly offered that he feels his family is a small grouping of Indigo Children. Well, then…

Things were aligning on a scale much grander than I could wrap my head around.

A week later I received this message from the Universe. 

I’m ready to orbit. Are you?