Life Is Art, Animated copy.jpg

TITLE: Life is Art, Animated (2017)

ARTIST: Abby Kamen

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas. 16 x 20 in.

STORY: The eclipse on August 21, 2017 was a big deal. Amy, my medium, said the event caused a major shift in frequency. Each of her clients experienced an opening to new levels of dimensions and thoughts. 

My reaction was particularly intense. I was contacted by an entity who referred  to himself as a “king.” I wasn’t ready yet, but soon a message would be coming my way. I should remain open. Well then…

A month later I started working on this painting. Flowers were the focal point because they had literally and figuratively been popping up everywhere. I connected the dots in this text to my daughter who had just relocated to Chicago for her first job.

I wanted to tell you I “feel” you are living up to your name. So I Googled the meaning, knowing it would provide an interesting connection.

Meaning and history of the name Samantha: Of English and Hebrew origin, most accurately means “God Heard.” In Aramaic, it means “Listener.” In Greek, it may mean “Flower.” 

I am indeed “writing” for and with you. You, my daughter, and You, the future. Bless you for being such an avid listener, and in turn, learner and teacher.

It is interesting. Since July I have been repeatedly pulling this flower card. Amy and I couldn’t figure out why. Grandpa keeps showing her these beautiful flowers. Chad writes about flowers too.

A single stem, a field, a garden, a bouquet. Some with thorns. some best in a particular climate. Some most beautiful in their natural setting: the wildflower, popping up unexpectedly, seemingly to remind us that beauty is everywhere.

Often we compare ourselves to them. I now understand with good reason. WE are nothing more, and nothing less. WE are one, yet different. and WE are indeed beautiful, all of us. 

Humanity’s fascination with the flower is vast. Their intoxicating beauty, pleasing to every eye and heart. We cultivate them. Write about them. Paint them. Plant them. Place them in shows. We practice nurturing them with extraordinary precision. And if you take it further, there are annuals, perennials, etc. They all I’ve and all die. Some get recycled for eternity. Hmmm…  So proud of you!!

In a session with Amy a few days later I learned the king was King David, the male Messianic entity. Needless to say, it was pretty overwhelming to be contacted by him! Humanity IS the flowers. Each lifetime is an opportunity to express the artistry of our unique talents and navigate the expansive nature of our highest self and soul purpose. I also learned after creating this painting that King David’s Gardens exists in Jerusalem!

In addition to the painting, here is an important message from King David: