Miracle Worker.jpg

TITLE: Miracle Worker (2017)

ARTIST: Abby Kamen

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas. 16 x 20 in.

STORY: October was a wild month. My medium, Amy, had been in NYC for a healing workshop. During her absence, the energy in and around me was off the charts. Luckily, I was her first appointment upon her return. It was an electric encounter!

In catching up I shared that I felt like Maria in The Sound Of Music. Very consciously in my head I had been blessing her children and mine. Bless Samantha. Bless Chad. Bless Emerson. Bless Garrett. Bless__________. I couldn’t remember her daughter’s name, so I plugged in Sophia. Was that right?

The color left Amy’s face. “No, my daughter is Kenna, for McKenna. But Sophia is very special to me. She is the female Messianic entity. I pray to her daily.”

It gets weird. I had just completed this painting. The wire statue is from Pier One, I bought it years ago. Its name from the store is, Sophia! She is posed up against a Robert Indiana LOVE print that hangs in our bedroom with books about family, faith, and love.

I was overwhelmed. In August, Life is Art, Animated informed me of the significance between flowers and humanity, foreshadowing my connection to King David, the male Messianic entity. Apparently Miracle Worker shared the significance of “motherly” love, foreshadowing my connection to Sophia. 

How was this happening?!? Why was this happening? What could I learn? What could I teach?

Amy explained I was being shown balance between masculine and feminine energy. These terms are genderless and have to do with our analytical self (masculine energy/left brain) and intuitive self (feminine energy/right brain). I learned that the Mayan calendar is misunderstood. The world wasn’t destined to end in 2012, but rather the year indicated the end of a cycle; the end of a patriarchal hierarchy dominated by masculine energy.

Before 2012, the world dealt in predominantly in finite concepts, because that was what we, humanity, could understand; linear thought patterns such as black, white, yes, no, good, bad. Feminine energy deals with infinite concepts such as empathy, morality, soul, and justice. Moving forward, the path is uncharted and we are evolved enough as a species to better balance both.

Sophia has taught me that love and family are at the core of our existence. Her energy is massive and is currently adjusting any previous misunderstandings along these lines from both religious and cultural influence. Parenting is genderless and not confined to blood relations.  Family is meant to be curated by each of us. It may be the one given to us, or not. 

It is imperative that we recognize we grow together. Other than age appropriate logistics, we can better nurture each other if we view all our relationships from the broadest and most intentional perspective. It starts with self and grows outwardly from there. Family, friends, community, nation, and planet become extensions of our true self.

Sophia’s message is that intentional nurturing is the key to humanity’s survival in the 21st century. As 2017 came to a close, in December she offered this guidance to help you attain your highest potential.