If U seek... U will be able to see
If U listen... U will be able to hear
WHAT IS, is beyond the limitations of your eyes and ears
WHAT IS, is within UR heart and mind
WHAT IS, is the reality that U create

The Universe & U is the mind-boggling, intriguing, humorous, and true account of Flash Mom’s unexpected—and unconventional—spiritual awakening. Her down-to-earth voice gives a fresh look at today’s reality through the lens of extrasensory perception. In this exciting reveal of a skill set we have yet to understand, she offers wisdom from the beyond, designed to assist you in navigating the chaos of a world that readily accepts our inhumanity as the status quo. Flash Mom shatters this illusion by offering a simple change in your perspective. She challenges you to embrace your humanity as the key to your survival.

Let go and let’s go—the future is counting on you!