Reset As Needed.jpg

TITLE: Reset As Needed (2019)

ARTIST: Abby Kamen

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas. 16 x 20 in.

STORY: During the process of painting this piece the Universe really challenged me. 2019 had commenced full of excitement. This would be the year my work would launch. Spring was met with lots of networking and connections, both from the beyond and in the here and now. But by summer, nothing was transpiring. In my sessions with Amy (my medium) the Universe advised me to be patient. I wasn’t ready “just” yet. 

Really? I was not happy. It seemed at the beginning of my awakening the Universe promised a dreams-into-reality sure thing. Life was meant to be joyful. All I had to do was believe and preserve. “If I built it, they would come.” Yet, I felt trapped in a never ending game of gutter balls. I felt abandoned and misled.

As things played out, I found it was true. I wasn’t ready. While I did believe in the complex nature of dimensions and time, what I didn’t believe in was myself. 

Self worth. Every time I think I have it lassoed in, I find I have more layers of my past to reckon with. I learned this is part of the ascension process. Humanity’s future success is vested in our ability to heal our soul history and create a better history moving forward.

It is personal and boils down to the balance between our wonder and wounded child. When properly nurtured, our wonder child thrives. When not, our wounded child takes over and goes into double time protection mode. Fear gets the mic, and any strike we roll is shadowed by a gutter.

To date, most of us live in the shadow of who we could be. Societal structures have placed a choke-hold on our wonder child, thus fear is pervasive.

Oddly, the message from the Universe to help us heal the past is simple. Loosen Your Grip. That’s all.

It’s not the game that’s the problem, it’s our perception. Our worth doesn’t have a score, it’s like the MasterCard commercial, priceless. The game keeps resetting as needed. The trick is to loosen our grip. If we do, we can better direct the ball because it won’t be so heavy.