Songs of Creation 

This was my Temple High School Graduation Speech given in the spring of 1979, I was 18.  Apparently my fascination with the spiritual and the scientific has deep roots. 

In the past 50 years there has been an amazing breakthrough in technology.  As a result of this great advancement in scientific studies, we have become part of an era which accepts only the empirical and rejects all abstractions.  In particular, we, the youth of this new era, have been raised to believe that the world can be understood solely through the achievements of mankind.

We take technology for granted, and expect it to hold for us the cure-all to the incomprehensible.  I remember when the first man went to the moon.  My parents were amazed, but I was not fascinated.  I just expected man to be able to achieve any goal that he set for himself.

For this reason, it was very difficult for me, like so many other youths, to accept the existence of God.  When I was five years old I remember my religious teacher asked me to draw a picture of God.  I was floored.  Everyone was drawing pictures of an old man with a beard.  I knew that wasn’t God, but if that wasn’t, what was?

I continued to ponder the existence of God throughout my religious school career.  It was not until now that I could understand the very special and personal relationship  that exists between the individual Jew and his God.  I found a poem by Ben Zion Bosker entitled “I Have Heard The Song” which very appropriately sums up my understanding of God.  I would like to share this poem with you.

“I Have Heard The Song” by Ben Zion Bosker: I have not seen the robin, but I know he is there because I heard him singing through my window from the treetop outside. I have not seen God, but have looked into a child’s eyes and have been overwhelmed by the unfolding miracle of life. I have watched the trees bedeck themselves with new garbs of green in the spring, and have been stirred by the miracle of continual rebirth. I have looked up at the stars, and have been overcome by the miracle of the grandeur and majesty of the Universe. I know that God exists, because I have heard the song of his presence from all the treetops of creation.