Surround Sound.jpg

TITLE: Surround Sound (2018)

ARTIST: Abby Kamen

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas. 16 x 20 in.

STORY: I found 2018 to be a year filled with changing ideas and ideals across the board. Personally, I worked hard at shedding old thought patterns and embracing new opportunities.

My take-away lesson was to listen with my heart. 

I wanted tangible proof that the beyond is right here and that as a clairvoyant I could access it. The Universe delivered and this painting represents the story that ensued.

It’s the story of the $2 bill. It involves Danni, my “soul” sister.  Since 2000 she has been the owner of Divinity Catering.  Yes, that really is the name.  Coincidently (or not), it was created by another friend of mine for the previous owner in 1996. Welcome to my serendipitous life. Her story showed me that the dimensions of reality are broad and our communication is more ongoing than we think. It really is in surround sound, 24/7.

I have no idea how I am able to do what I do, or for that matter, why. I have to remind myself to stop questioning and just appreciate the magic. It represents the unlimited potential within us all and is captured in this painting.